SLumpEd Features
Basic lump management
All the basic features you'd expect of a wad lump manager: Create/open/save wads, manipulate lump ordering, import/export lumps, etc.

Full zip/pk3 support
Can open, modify and save zip/pk3 files, including directory manipulation

Tabbed interface
The ability to open multiple wads in tabs can save a lot of time. You can even copy/paste lumps from one wadfile to another!

Easy to use
A simple, intuitive interface that is easy to learn and quick to use.

Advanced text editor
Syntax hilighting and autocomplete for various text lump types (ACS scripts, DECORATE, etc)

Full PNG image support
Including offset manipulation and high-colour support

ACS Script support
Compile ACS scripts from within SLumpEd

Graphic conversion
Convert between PNG/BMP/Doom Gfx/Doom Flat image formats
Planned Features
  • Wad merging
  • Convert between doom wad and zip formats
  • View more lump types (map data, palette, etc)
  • Open lumps in external programs for editing
  • Some kind of options dialog :P
  • Much more...